The band that I will be introducing to you is a Korean Indie band called Nell.

Who are they?
Nell is a Korean Indie band.

The band was formed in 1999 and introduced its first album in 2001 (Reflection Of)

This album included 10 songs. However, this album failed in brining Nell much of an attention.

Hoping for public to be aware of them, Nell introduced its second album (Speechless) in September of the same year.

I would say that the second album did bring some attention of the public to Nell, but not enough.

In favor of Nell, its third album (Let it Rain) brought them some more attention

From the fourth album, Nell’s mode of singing had changed and developed its own unique and famous mode of singing. This mode was of singing the serious subjects in rather ironically light and cheerful and fast paced background music.

‘Good Night’ from the fifth album (Healing Process) is a perfect example for this.

In 2007, Nell publishes its sixth album (Let’s take a walk).

Disappointingly, this album was not much of a hit and made people to think that Nell was on the downfall

However, Nell blew up this thought by coming with the seventh album in 2008 (Separation Anxiety)

This album could be said as the best album of Nell.
It included famous songs such as ‘Separation Anxiety’ and ‘기억을 걷는 시간’ (time for going back).
These songs helped Nell to get on the stage of famous Korean music stages such as 인기가요, which was dominated by Idol group singers at that time.

They did publish another album 3 months after their seventh album. However, it was just mix up of Nell’s so called ‘hit’ songs, so I would not necessarily call it their eighth album.

Any ways, five months after this mix-match album was published, Nell comes out with its last album, ‘The Trace’

Unlike its previous albums, this one only had four songs in it. However, all of those songs were good and the album is thought to be one of the best album of Nell.

Why Like Them?
You might have noticed that I called Nell Indie Band.
No it is not an Indian Band but something completely different from that.
Indie Bands are underground bands in Korea that sings in clubs or bars or places like that.
However, the funny thing is that Korea is the only place where there are Indie Bands.
Because of the domination of the music industry by Idol Groups, any non-Idol singing groups were basically kicked out from the main stream and caused the ‘kicked out ones’ to suffer because of the lack of attention from the people because Idol Group’s took all of public’s attention toward them.
Suffering hear means that they were in state of earning low amount of money and hand to work 24/7 to just earn enough money to keep themselves from being hungry.
This was the reason why they sang in clubs and bars and had the particular term ‘Indie Band’ (Under Band, if you would have to put it in English, I think.)
So since they were able to come back to the main stream and only Indie Band that came back to main stream, you could see how much musical talent they had and how good their music was.

Picture of an Indie Band ‘Seven Grams’ singing (not Nell)

What is so unique?
I guess what is unique about this band is that they are really sentimental
For example, from the album ‘Healing Process’, song ‘Meaningless’ showed so much sentimentality that I got so absorbed into it that I actually spent a Saturday listening to it after putting it in ‘infinite replay’ state.