I have been really stressed up about what I was going to do my review on for my blog, I have been thinking and thinking and came up with a rather a truly novel subject to do a review on. (It could be the first in the world) I decided to do a interview-type-review on AP Biology Exam!!!!!!!

AP Exam
So to give a background information about AP Exam for those of you who does not know what it is, let us start off saying that it is a test that is given to students after they finish college level courses, they are known to be challenging and requires lots of time spent to get a good grade. The grading system for this test is numerical. 1 being the lowest score and 5, which every students want, to be the highest score. The numbers mean how well you are qualified to get the college credit for the course that you have taken. Ones with score of 5 being most likely to get the credit and ones with 1 being not so lucky with getting that credit.
The format for each test is different, but all tests share common trait in that they have two sections, Multiple Choice Question Section and FRQ section.

AP Biology Exam
I took AP Biology Exam on May 9th of Monday on 8:00 A.M. Boy, it felt like it was just few days ago and already two weeks past. I would like to share some questions that were on the test, but rules are rules so I cannot.

Textbook that I used in my AP Biology class

Was it easy?
Personally I think it was easier than I expected. This year, college board changed way they graded the AP Exams and this made people to think that college board to raise the averages for each scores because the new system of grading let people to get higher grades. However, unlike everyone of us expected, it was pretty easy and FRQ was descent, at least I think it was.

5 or no?
Even though I say that the exam was easy I think I should not be too confident in saying that I got 5 or 4 because the average for each levels 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5 depends also on how well other people taking AP Biology Exam did. So, since everyone I talked to said that it was easy, my guess is that my grade is uncertain and even I do not know what I will get.

Which one was harder. MCQ or FRQ?
Personally I felt that FRQ was slightly harder because it was on the topic that I did not put my focus on since my peers and others thought that FRQ would be on genetics and other evolutionary and hereditary subjects, it was primarily focused on ecology. Bad news was that I did not study that much for ecology so I think I will have to trust myself and my luck.

How do you feel now that AP Exam is over
I do not feel any pleasure or happiness because now that I am done with AP, SAT 2 subject Biology and finals are coming up. And then after them, I become Junior, take AP exams again, take SAT 2 subject chemistry again and continue to dream the nightmare until I reach the second semester of senior year, which I think do not need any explanations. So my response is this, I do not fell joyed because I have more and harder stuffs in front of me and I will only be happy when I reach second semester of senior year.

At least I am free for a moment.

Now more about AP Biology Exam
Ap Biology takes approximately three hours and is given to each test takers. It was really hard and would not advise others on taking if they are not taking AP Biology class, of course, you have no reasons to take the exam if you are not taking the course, but it was really helpful in that it taught me a lot on Biology and helped me to get basic back ground information to take SAT II Biology also..