So last Friday, May 27th, my friends and I went to theater in Ori subway station CGV to watch a movie. We were going to watch Pirates of the Caribbean: On Strange Tides. However, unfortunately, because the movie was so popular, we were not able to get any tickets for it. Therefore, we decided to watch a animation that we all agreed on watching: Kung Fu Panda 2. Now, I know bunch of teenage boys watching Kung Fu Panda, is strange. It is so strange that there is no word in world to describe its strangeness. Anyways, we did watch it, but did not like it because, even though it cracked some humors here and there, it failed to coherently put in the story lines together.

The Story
After some years that Po, the “Kung Fu Panda” (aka the “Dragon Warrior”), got accepted under Master Shifu, great trouble breaks out once again, the evil White Peacock comes back to the city to “rightfully” claim what is his. Being informed of this, the “Legendary Fives” and Po sets out to stop him. However, the White Peacock made a fire cracker cannon and captures the “Legendary Fives” But at the end, like any other Pixar animations, Po stops him by mastering the “inner peace”.

This guy is Po, the main character

Personal Response
Kung Fu Panda 2 did good job on making the audience laugh from time to time but it did not mean that it was fun. To be honest and directly to the point, the movie’s story was bad. It was just horrible. Even though the story of the first one was somewhat unique and had that novel characteristics that other animation movies did not have, the sequel failed to do so and left my friends and me disappointed. Now, one must take into consideration that his was a kid’s movie. However, like the sequel, the first one was for kids, but it had better and stronger and more coherent story line that even made sense to me and other young adults. Now, just by hearing about something and seeing it, Po can learn and adapt a technique that he never practiced before and, moreover, does not die. The White Peacock shot him with the cannon about few times. However, even though only one took direct hit of Po, he does not get hurt, he does not break anything or bleed. After a day and night spend sleeping, Po becomes in the position that he was in before he fought. You could predict what would happen and that prediction would become true for most of the time leaving some people like us to be quite irritated and confused. Also, the fact that the director did not show the full process of how something happened made us more angry. How is that a panda can stop a cannon ball just by recollecting his lost childhood memory?

This guy is the White Peacock

This is the cannon he used

So to clarify the words and put them to the simplest forms, I would say that the first of the series had more of a good story line while this one explicitly showed that the sequel was made for money and for the third of the series rather than for audiences actually having fun. Therefore, I think it would not matter for the intended audiences but I think they should do better next time because it will cost them another 3 years to make a new sequel and the majority of the watchers could be adults and young adults because they were the ones who watched the previous two sequels.

Please!!! If you are making the third one, please put more attention into stories