Again, I have been under pressure in finding new subject form my review. I have been searching through webs and typing it on Yahoo answers and Naver. Then I found out that, why not do a review on myself. At least that is what teachers in our school always make us to do….. Anyways, I found that doing this could be also good for myself because it will show the position that I am in and whether I am having a life that I am happy or successful with….So here it goes

Background information
Where was I born? I was born in Seoul, Ap-gu-Jeong Dong in 1995, 13th of August. It was sunday to be exact. I was born earlier than expected and my mother said that I really hurt her and kicked her many times while she was pregnant.

To be honest I do not think I am having a good life… Well, part of it is because I am not getting good grades, but the majority of it is because I am not doing and cannot do anything that I really wanted and dreamed about doing while I was young. Since I am still young and have whole life ahead of me, I would not say that I missed a train, but that I am taking wrong trains even though I know that they go to direction that I was not thinking of going too.

Accomplishments? Depends on the perspective that you are asking the question from. If I am asked in academically, I would say not, but if it is asked philosophically, I would say yes because I have been thinking of stuffs and lots of topics that I ponder whether it is right or not.

Currently, I am writing this in 1 in the morning because of the SAT Biology, but because I tend to procrastinate lots of times and do my homework and study in the middle of the night. Well, right now I would not say that the reason I am writing this in 1 in the morning is the result of me procrastinating because teachers are giving us loads homework because they are cramming all their lessons together so they can finish the lessons that they planned on finishing. Anyways, I fixed myself from procrastinating, these days. I did not exactly fixed myself 100% because I did not do this blog until today….. Well, still I think this is still amazing compared to how I was at the beginning of the school year.