I know it is April and AP is coming up, but I could not resist that evil side that kept telling me to play some game…… So, because of my weakness, I played one game that is considered to be masterpiece of FPS (First Person Shooting) game. So, basically, when reviewing a game, I look at the story line, the weapons, the graphic, and how much it is realistic.

Story Line
The basic story line of this game is this. You are a main idea who is called “Chief” all the time, he does not have any name. The story is based on fight between the humans and the aliens.

This guy is the chief, you

You start in a ship that is attacked by Covenant, the aliens, and escapes it from the ship. Soon, you, obviously, escapes and lands on Halo.

The ring shown up above is Halo
The Halo, is thought to be a super-powerful weapon that holds inside it great destructivity.
While getting the captain, who was prisoned by Covenant, out of his prison, he discovers a presence of a new life forms called Flood. These are zombie like creatures that feeds on the humans and the covenants.
The Monitor makes his presence and tries to activate Halo. After finding out that Halo was meant to wipe out the whole species of both humans and Covenants, chief tries to stop him, and of course, succeeds in stopping him and destroy Halo.

This is the Flood

The Graphic
I would say the graphic was not that bad but not good neither. However, I think you can’t really define whether the graphic is good in today’s standard because some times had passed since its first appearance. So let us just say that it is good in the time in which it was made, but just normal in today’s standard