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Review on myself

Again, I have been under pressure in finding new subject form my review. I have been searching through webs and typing it on Yahoo answers and Naver. Then I found out that, why not do a review on myself. At least that is what teachers in our school always make us to do….. Anyways, I found that doing this could be also good for myself because it will show the position that I am in and whether I am having a life that I am happy or successful with….So here it goes

Background information
Where was I born? I was born in Seoul, Ap-gu-Jeong Dong in 1995, 13th of August. It was sunday to be exact. I was born earlier than expected and my mother said that I really hurt her and kicked her many times while she was pregnant.

To be honest I do not think I am having a good life… Well, part of it is because I am not getting good grades, but the majority of it is because I am not doing and cannot do anything that I really wanted and dreamed about doing while I was young. Since I am still young and have whole life ahead of me, I would not say that I missed a train, but that I am taking wrong trains even though I know that they go to direction that I was not thinking of going too.

Accomplishments? Depends on the perspective that you are asking the question from. If I am asked in academically, I would say not, but if it is asked philosophically, I would say yes because I have been thinking of stuffs and lots of topics that I ponder whether it is right or not.

Currently, I am writing this in 1 in the morning because of the SAT Biology, but because I tend to procrastinate lots of times and do my homework and study in the middle of the night. Well, right now I would not say that the reason I am writing this in 1 in the morning is the result of me procrastinating because teachers are giving us loads homework because they are cramming all their lessons together so they can finish the lessons that they planned on finishing. Anyways, I fixed myself from procrastinating, these days. I did not exactly fixed myself 100% because I did not do this blog until today….. Well, still I think this is still amazing compared to how I was at the beginning of the school year.


Review on food: Shinramen Black

It has been some years since a Korean company called Nong Shim made Shinramen and sold it. Currently, this ramen is about 25 years old and is most popular ramen in Korea determined by its sales record. To celebrate the 25th anniversary of this delicious ramen, Nong Shim decided to make a some what of a “special edition” ramen for its customers. This particular ramen, according to Nong Shim, has bunch of nutrients in it and is made by nutritionalists concerning your health. As you might have heard or known, this ramen is called Shinramen Black and I am going to do a review on it.

The one on the left is regular Shinramen and the one on the right is Shinramen Black

Taste is probably the most important part in ramen industry because the customers want to eat food that does not hurt their budgets but rather tasty compared to the cost. The original shinramen has great taste and that is why it has been so popular among Koreans. Shinramne Black, on the other hand had lost some of that distinct taste that Shinramen had, it is not spicy as the original but still has its own distinct taste because its soup was made from cow-bone-broth, which supposedly is considered to be good for your health. Compared to the original, this one has somewhat of deep taste that you could not really feel in the original, and also, compared to original, it has bigger and more chunks of meat and vegetables.

As you can see from the photo above, regular Shinramen (left) and Shinramen Black (right), one can clearly see that Shinrame is much more spicy than Shinramen Black

Supposedly since Shinramen Black is good for your health and contains better ingredients than regular Shinramen does, it costs about twice the regular Shinramen. In Lotte Mart, four of them are about five thousand won. I think if you have not tried it yet, it will be a good idea to try it, but I would not recommend you to make it serve as the “ramen that is always in your house” because it is so expensive and has a flavor that could become rather dull after eating it once or twice.

So my advice would be: if you just want to see what it tastes like, do not buy the package pack because, compared to other ramen, it expires more quickly and there is good chance that you will get dull with the taste after eating it once or twice (at least I did).

Review on Kung Fu Panda 2

So last Friday, May 27th, my friends and I went to theater in Ori subway station CGV to watch a movie. We were going to watch Pirates of the Caribbean: On Strange Tides. However, unfortunately, because the movie was so popular, we were not able to get any tickets for it. Therefore, we decided to watch a animation that we all agreed on watching: Kung Fu Panda 2. Now, I know bunch of teenage boys watching Kung Fu Panda, is strange. It is so strange that there is no word in world to describe its strangeness. Anyways, we did watch it, but did not like it because, even though it cracked some humors here and there, it failed to coherently put in the story lines together.

The Story
After some years that Po, the “Kung Fu Panda” (aka the “Dragon Warrior”), got accepted under Master Shifu, great trouble breaks out once again, the evil White Peacock comes back to the city to “rightfully” claim what is his. Being informed of this, the “Legendary Fives” and Po sets out to stop him. However, the White Peacock made a fire cracker cannon and captures the “Legendary Fives” But at the end, like any other Pixar animations, Po stops him by mastering the “inner peace”.

This guy is Po, the main character

Personal Response
Kung Fu Panda 2 did good job on making the audience laugh from time to time but it did not mean that it was fun. To be honest and directly to the point, the movie’s story was bad. It was just horrible. Even though the story of the first one was somewhat unique and had that novel characteristics that other animation movies did not have, the sequel failed to do so and left my friends and me disappointed. Now, one must take into consideration that his was a kid’s movie. However, like the sequel, the first one was for kids, but it had better and stronger and more coherent story line that even made sense to me and other young adults. Now, just by hearing about something and seeing it, Po can learn and adapt a technique that he never practiced before and, moreover, does not die. The White Peacock shot him with the cannon about few times. However, even though only one took direct hit of Po, he does not get hurt, he does not break anything or bleed. After a day and night spend sleeping, Po becomes in the position that he was in before he fought. You could predict what would happen and that prediction would become true for most of the time leaving some people like us to be quite irritated and confused. Also, the fact that the director did not show the full process of how something happened made us more angry. How is that a panda can stop a cannon ball just by recollecting his lost childhood memory?

This guy is the White Peacock

This is the cannon he used

So to clarify the words and put them to the simplest forms, I would say that the first of the series had more of a good story line while this one explicitly showed that the sequel was made for money and for the third of the series rather than for audiences actually having fun. Therefore, I think it would not matter for the intended audiences but I think they should do better next time because it will cost them another 3 years to make a new sequel and the majority of the watchers could be adults and young adults because they were the ones who watched the previous two sequels.

Please!!! If you are making the third one, please put more attention into stories

Review on the AP exam

I have been really stressed up about what I was going to do my review on for my blog, I have been thinking and thinking and came up with a rather a truly novel subject to do a review on. (It could be the first in the world) I decided to do a interview-type-review on AP Biology Exam!!!!!!!

AP Exam
So to give a background information about AP Exam for those of you who does not know what it is, let us start off saying that it is a test that is given to students after they finish college level courses, they are known to be challenging and requires lots of time spent to get a good grade. The grading system for this test is numerical. 1 being the lowest score and 5, which every students want, to be the highest score. The numbers mean how well you are qualified to get the college credit for the course that you have taken. Ones with score of 5 being most likely to get the credit and ones with 1 being not so lucky with getting that credit.
The format for each test is different, but all tests share common trait in that they have two sections, Multiple Choice Question Section and FRQ section.

AP Biology Exam
I took AP Biology Exam on May 9th of Monday on 8:00 A.M. Boy, it felt like it was just few days ago and already two weeks past. I would like to share some questions that were on the test, but rules are rules so I cannot.

Textbook that I used in my AP Biology class

Was it easy?
Personally I think it was easier than I expected. This year, college board changed way they graded the AP Exams and this made people to think that college board to raise the averages for each scores because the new system of grading let people to get higher grades. However, unlike everyone of us expected, it was pretty easy and FRQ was descent, at least I think it was.

5 or no?
Even though I say that the exam was easy I think I should not be too confident in saying that I got 5 or 4 because the average for each levels 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5 depends also on how well other people taking AP Biology Exam did. So, since everyone I talked to said that it was easy, my guess is that my grade is uncertain and even I do not know what I will get.

Which one was harder. MCQ or FRQ?
Personally I felt that FRQ was slightly harder because it was on the topic that I did not put my focus on since my peers and others thought that FRQ would be on genetics and other evolutionary and hereditary subjects, it was primarily focused on ecology. Bad news was that I did not study that much for ecology so I think I will have to trust myself and my luck.

How do you feel now that AP Exam is over
I do not feel any pleasure or happiness because now that I am done with AP, SAT 2 subject Biology and finals are coming up. And then after them, I become Junior, take AP exams again, take SAT 2 subject chemistry again and continue to dream the nightmare until I reach the second semester of senior year, which I think do not need any explanations. So my response is this, I do not fell joyed because I have more and harder stuffs in front of me and I will only be happy when I reach second semester of senior year.

At least I am free for a moment.

Now more about AP Biology Exam
Ap Biology takes approximately three hours and is given to each test takers. It was really hard and would not advise others on taking if they are not taking AP Biology class, of course, you have no reasons to take the exam if you are not taking the course, but it was really helpful in that it taught me a lot on Biology and helped me to get basic back ground information to take SAT II Biology also..

Review of Halo

I know it is April and AP is coming up, but I could not resist that evil side that kept telling me to play some game…… So, because of my weakness, I played one game that is considered to be masterpiece of FPS (First Person Shooting) game. So, basically, when reviewing a game, I look at the story line, the weapons, the graphic, and how much it is realistic.

Story Line
The basic story line of this game is this. You are a main idea who is called “Chief” all the time, he does not have any name. The story is based on fight between the humans and the aliens.

This guy is the chief, you

You start in a ship that is attacked by Covenant, the aliens, and escapes it from the ship. Soon, you, obviously, escapes and lands on Halo.

The ring shown up above is Halo
The Halo, is thought to be a super-powerful weapon that holds inside it great destructivity.
While getting the captain, who was prisoned by Covenant, out of his prison, he discovers a presence of a new life forms called Flood. These are zombie like creatures that feeds on the humans and the covenants.
The Monitor makes his presence and tries to activate Halo. After finding out that Halo was meant to wipe out the whole species of both humans and Covenants, chief tries to stop him, and of course, succeeds in stopping him and destroy Halo.

This is the Flood

The Graphic
I would say the graphic was not that bad but not good neither. However, I think you can’t really define whether the graphic is good in today’s standard because some times had passed since its first appearance. So let us just say that it is good in the time in which it was made, but just normal in today’s standard