It has been some years since a Korean company called Nong Shim made Shinramen and sold it. Currently, this ramen is about 25 years old and is most popular ramen in Korea determined by its sales record. To celebrate the 25th anniversary of this delicious ramen, Nong Shim decided to make a some what of a “special edition” ramen for its customers. This particular ramen, according to Nong Shim, has bunch of nutrients in it and is made by nutritionalists concerning your health. As you might have heard or known, this ramen is called Shinramen Black and I am going to do a review on it.

The one on the left is regular Shinramen and the one on the right is Shinramen Black

Taste is probably the most important part in ramen industry because the customers want to eat food that does not hurt their budgets but rather tasty compared to the cost. The original shinramen has great taste and that is why it has been so popular among Koreans. Shinramne Black, on the other hand had lost some of that distinct taste that Shinramen had, it is not spicy as the original but still has its own distinct taste because its soup was made from cow-bone-broth, which supposedly is considered to be good for your health. Compared to the original, this one has somewhat of deep taste that you could not really feel in the original, and also, compared to original, it has bigger and more chunks of meat and vegetables.

As you can see from the photo above, regular Shinramen (left) and Shinramen Black (right), one can clearly see that Shinrame is much more spicy than Shinramen Black

Supposedly since Shinramen Black is good for your health and contains better ingredients than regular Shinramen does, it costs about twice the regular Shinramen. In Lotte Mart, four of them are about five thousand won. I think if you have not tried it yet, it will be a good idea to try it, but I would not recommend you to make it serve as the “ramen that is always in your house” because it is so expensive and has a flavor that could become rather dull after eating it once or twice.

So my advice would be: if you just want to see what it tastes like, do not buy the package pack because, compared to other ramen, it expires more quickly and there is good chance that you will get dull with the taste after eating it once or twice (at least I did).