Okay, I know that when the word ‘Titanic’ is said, most of the people would say that it is the best movie, James Cameron, and other movie related stuffs. I was, to be honest, one of these people, before I read Starship Titanic. So, what hits me first when I think of a word ‘Titanic’ what comes to my mind is that no starship in the history of Earth, may be future, should ever carry that name.
Most of you would probably be wondering, why I am so angered and shows such a hatred for the book Starship Titanic. Well, to find out and if you are in that mood of just wanting to get angry, I recommend you reading it.
So, the story is this: some aliens who lived in another part of galaxy built a huge Starship named “Titanic”. However, the starship was so big and costly that it made a whole planet go bankrupt. So, the company who was under the making of the starship, purposefully breaks the starship so that they could get insurance money from insurance company….Sounds some what of a movie that you would give F to if you had to give a grade to it.
Now, somehow, the starship launches itself and reaches earth. And this stupid pooped brained earth people get on this starship on their own will……. Worse part is still to come my friend. When the Earth people, Lucy, Den, and Natalie get on the starship, they somehow turn the bomb on and after squeezing their brain, they come up with a solution of just talking to the bomb so it would loose its count and never blow up………. Anyways, also, when they were in a threat of being exploded into pieces with the bomb, this was before they knew how to talk to bomb and make it to loose its count, they were not able to go to the emergency boat-ship because they were not first class passengers.
To be honest, I just think that the author wrote this book because he needed the book to be published so that he could sell his game……..

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